paper chairs excitedly announces
The Audience

a bold new adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s, El Público,
re-imagined by Austin playwright and paper chairs’ co-founder Elizabeth Doss.
Join us at Austin Playhouse July 26th- August 11th, 2018.

paper chairs’ production of The Audience infuses Lorca’s unfinished play with pertinent details from his life and murder, depicting the military coup in Spain in 1936 in which Lorca was captured and assassinated in his hometown Granada. It draws on the Fascist take-down of a burgeoning republic that led to the poet/playwright’s death. This context illuminates the urgency and significance of Lorca’s most abstract and free-form play.

The Audience depicts a dangerous world where personal freedoms and self-expression can get you killed. It borrows facts from Lorca’s life, his artistic journey from the celebrated dramatist and theatre director of a proud nation to a bold and fearless artist determined to uproot tradition and reclaim the theatrical form. But Lorca’s intentions collide with the rise of a repressive regime who takes him prisoner. paper chairs’ adaptation of El Público runs with his themes of repressed sexuality and philosophical conundrums while offering the audience a human portrait of an iconic figure whose story speaks volumes to our present political climate.

The Audience  
Original text: Federico Garcia Lorca
Adaptation: Elizabeth Doss
Co-directors: Elizabeth Doss and Lisa Laratta
Performers: Vincent Tomasino, Zac Crofford, Cassandra Reveles, Kelly Hasandras, Megan Tabaque, Jorge Sermini and Rommel Sulit
Music: Jordan Good
Lighting Design: Natalie George
Set Design: Lisa Laratta
Costume Design: Talena Martinez
Stage Manager: Joshua Secor
Co-Producers: Elizabeth Doss and Lisa Laratta

July 26th- August 11th, 2018
Thursday- Saturday at 8pm
Tickets: $15-$35 sliding scale, All General Admission
at Austin Playhouse, 6001 Airport Blvd. Austin, Texas 78752

Directions to Austin Playhouse at ACC Highland Campus
*Please note that due to ACC construction, the South parking lot and the loading dock entrance are currently closed.

You will now be entering the ACC Highland campus at the intersection of Highland Mall Boulevard and Jonathan.  There is a four-way stop there. Enter the parking lot on Jonathan, and proceed straight toward building 4000. You can park in any of the student parking spots; ACC will not ticket our patrons’ cars.  Please do not park in the faculty, handicapped or green car spaces unless otherwise applicable.

 Walk through the double doors where you see Building 4000.  Turn left to take the stairs, or right to take the escalator or elevator. Austin Playhouse is located by the water fountain on the lower level.

Call: 512-686-6621 or Email: info@paperchairs.com
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