reckonnoiter – fall 2014

Using the fall as a time to incubate and explore with a variety of generative practices, paper chairs created a series of three unique showings: a new ten-minute play, a site-specific experience beneath the Lamar Bridge on Lady Bird Lake, and a night of devised pieces directed by the company. By showing works-in-progress, we invite our audiences to participate in our creative process and help us unearth untapped possibilities.

October 5th – Noon
The Off Shoot. 2211 Hidalgo Street.78702
Written by Elizabeth Doss.
Performed by Mark Stewart and Katy Taylor
Traci and Chris have no business loving one another. But that’s what happening, despite that their illicit affair is doomed. Come help us explore how self-help therapy feeds self-aggression and gives people license to do terrible things. Join us for this new 10-minute play and stay for a salon style conversation.

October 26th – 5:30pm
Meet at the Town Lake YMCA (at the bleachers across from the entrance)
100-Year Flood
Performed by: Katherine Craft, Michelle Dahlenberg, Meghan Morongova, Mark Stewart, Laura Freeman
Directed by: Elizabeth Doss
A 100-year flood happens once every hundred years and has a one percent chance of happening once in any given year. Acts of fate of this magnitude bring shock, alarm, surprise, joy, and grief -in short, an avalanche of human responses. This performance will investigate events in life that are the equivalents of the hundred-year flood as experienced by individuals and collectively by communities, and it will piece together a survival guide to the once-in-a-lifetime events that permanently alter our lives.

December 4th –Thursday – 8pm
Spider House Ballroom. 2906 Fruth St. 78705
A showing of six short works-in-progress
Devised and performed by: Jay Byrd, Zac Crofford, Michael Ferstenfeld, Lauren Knutti, Kyle Lagunas, Megan Ortiz, Wade Rowland, Jorge Sermini, Katy Taylor
Directed by: Kelli Bland, Elizabeth Doss, Noel Gaulin and Lisa Laratta
Performed Fall 2014