murder ballad murder mystery

For two nights only, paper chairs will haunt our neighborhood bar, the Long Branch Inn, with a workshop resurrection of Murder Ballad Murder Mystery. Saddle up to the bar, sip yer whiskey and watch a host of legendary killers commit crimes riddled with ghoulish slapstick, frantic line dances, and tear-jerking ballads. This romp-through-the-swamp musical takes a stab at gutting the inner animal and spills its contents at close range.

Written by Elizabeth Doss.
Music by Mark Stewart.
Directed by Keri Boyd.
Designed by Lisa Laratta.

Tom – Mark Stewart
Tom’s Wife- Cami Alys
Felicity – April Perez Moore
Sadie & the Harp- Emily Tindall Burke
Bea- Elizabeth Doss
Jay- Nigel O’Hearn
Stagger Lee- Noel Gaulin
The Sheriff- Kelli Bland

Performed May 2013