art show / model show

art show/model show

A Figurative Art Performance Installation part of the 2012 East Austin Studio Tour. The workshop involved life drawing sessions with costumed models and free drawing demos for all levels.

NOV 10- Painterly poses
Models: Jorge Sermini, Kelli Bland, Meghan Dwyer

NOV 11- Gestural poses
Models: Michelle Keffer, Jorge Sermini, Jen Brown, Kelli Bland

NOV 17- Painterly poses
Models: Michelle Keffer, Kelli Bland, Meghan Dwyer

NOV 18- Mashup
Models: Michelle Keffer, Meghan Dwyer, Aron Taylor, Elizabeth Doss

ART SHOW/MODEL SHOW is a performance currently being created by paper chairs theatre company, by working art models Michelle Keffer, Jorge Sermini, Kelli Bland, Elizabeth Doss, and Meghan Adriel Dwyer. It explores the private experience of figurative art, from a model’s perspective. A full production will show in summer of 2013.



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